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Now Available:

Life at the Lake

Body in the Bag

Magic Eraser

Chatroom Killer

Dreams and Nightmares

Jar of Dreams

My Friend Fred

The Cuckoo Virus


Here on my website you will be able to access information about my books, information about me, upcoming events, and other general information that you may find interesting or useful.



You will be able to buy my books directly from this site or ordering from Amazon or via all good book retailers. If you wish to order please contact me via the contact form on the contact page. Payment may be made via Paypal on each of the book description pages.


I am a busy Mom, wife and boss and in my spare time I like to channel my creative ideas into stories that I hope you will like to read. I've touched on a few genres including, children, YA, Thriller and fantasy. Feel free to have a look around or drop my a line, but most of all enjoy reading!